What CompuSolutions customers are saying…

CompuSolutions has, by far, provided the best customer support services compared to other companies we had previously retained. CompuSolutions’ staff is dedicated to performing quality work in an expedient manner. They provide follow-through work on initial projects to ensure our satisfaction with the final work product. Through our experience, we would highly recommend CompuSolutions to other business entities.
— Burns, White, & Hickton, Attorneys at Law

Tuscarora uses software designed and written by CompuSolutions in 20 manufacturing facilities across the United States and in the UK. It is used to track orders, production, sales, and inventory. The software is well-designed and easy to use. Very good documentation and training were also provided CompuSolutions can design, code, test, document, and implement computer applications to solve the problems of your business. We highly recommend them.
— Tuscarora, Inc.


CompuSolutions has brought a rational and politically astute perspective to our problem of trying to find or develop a major enterprise-wide client-based software system for Abraxas. CompuSolutions takes communication, writing, and expression seriously, which we value very much. The writing that CompuSolutions has already done for us has served us well in developing our information systems strategy and in developing proposals to foundations to support our information systems development. We have found CompuSolutions to be very honorable and principled in a field where these attributes are rare!

— Abraxas Group